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Fill Data Gaps Quickly

As part of the Sustainable Financial Disclosures Regulation (SFDR) investors are required to report on the EU Taxonomy (EUT). The EUT consists of 18 mandatory indicators covering Articles 6, 8 and 9 of the SFDR. There are huge data gaps for large companies and virtually no data for SMEs and Startups.

As a result many investors are awash in spreadsheets trying to answer a growing list of questions, having to fit the same data into a myriad of frameworks, principles and guidelines. And worse – are having to get their and their portfolio companies to do the same – losing an estimated £735 million in productivity in the UK alone .

The highest coverage of EU Taxonomy from the fewest number of measures

ESGgen is the first-of-its-kind ESG accounting platform, purpose built to help you fill data gaps (including scope-3) with audited, investment grade data from SMEs.

The data is SFDR and scope 3 ‘compliance ready’. Of the leading ESG frameworks and principles based guidelines, ESGgen has the highest alignment with the EU Taxonomy (71%) providing the best coverage of the required data points from the fewest number of measures (31) – an ‘efficiency per metric’ of 2.3%.

Higher profits, higher valuation