The Science behind ESGgen

audited vs certified

ESG Accounting

Can ESG accounting be as secure, confidential and accurate as financial accounting? Who can do it? What standards does it adhere to?

esg auditors

ESGgen Auditors

Managers and investors need to be confident that their ESG accounting complies with professional standards, applicable laws and regulations. Who can you trust?

ESG platform methodology

Science-based calculations & benchmarks

See which ESG calculations and benchmarks we use to help progressive SMEs make a real contribution to a healthier planet and a fairer society.

esg scorecards reports

The ESGgen Scorecard

See the 8 environmental, 15 social, and 6 governance metrics that measure a company’s ESG impact. How was the Scorecard developed? Is it relevant for SMEs?

audit co2 scope 1,2,3

CO2e emissions

SME’s are estimated to contribute 272.88M tonnes CO2e to UK total emissions. What are CO2e emissions? And how are they calculated?

esg co2 emissions reports

Scope 1,2,3

Typically scope 3 emissions account for about 90% of a company’s C02e emissions. What are scope 3 emissions? How are they different from scope 1 and 2? And how do they effect SMEs?



Many businesses do it. Many more would prefer not to. Whether its intentional or unintentional, greenwashing is in the sights of the regulators in the UK, EU and US.



Bluewashing is made possible by the operational gap that exists between the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and ESG. Learn how to identify the gap in suppliers’ and investors’ marketing.


Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Learn how the ESG differs from the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in two fundamental respects: ‘operational alignment’ and ‘reporting utility’.

manage sustainability

Managing sustainability risks

The ESG ratings of the same company on the world’s leading ESG database providers vary from 30% to 71%. Find out how to get decision-useful, investment grade ESG data.

ESG data reporting

Fill data gaps

Are you awash in spreadsheets trying to answer a growing list of ESG questions from investors and partners? If not, chances are you will be soon. Avoid losing productivity (estimated at £735 million in the UK alone)