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Simply saying you are ‘green’ doesn’t cut it anymore

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Simply saying you are ‘green’ doesn’t cut it anymore. An independent audit is the most convincing way to prove to your stakeholders that you are not greenwashing. The ESGgen Audit Mark™ is the new gold standard for ESG data and results, audited by a Chartered Accountant who has also been certified in ESG.

Prove you're not greenwashing

Why is it so important to have ESG data audited?

As demand for ESG from both individuals and governments skyrockets, so too has the rise of 'greenwashing'. Companies can selectively self-report on their ESG status, actively leaving out or otherwise “washing” their results to appear more positive than they actually are.

Instead, to prove they aren’t greenwashing, progressive companies are choosing to have their ESG reporting audited by independent third-parties. This provides genuine benefits.

ESG is material to the bottom-line of your business. As with inaccurate financials, misrepresenting internal ESG accounting can be a detriment to sustained future growth.
Investors face risk when the ESG reports they advertise do not line up to reality. Bad press that contradicts supposedly positive ESG results can have significant reputational damage to a fund.

Prove it to your customers

Display your Audit Mark with pride

Prove your business has been ESG audited by displaying the Audit Mark on your website, brochure and marketing collateral. Just let us know how you’re planning to use it. Then, just like with financial reports, we can verify that you’re using it correctly (we turn around requests within 24 hours). Then go for it… and satisfy your customers, investors, lenders and supply chain managers who are demanding more ESG transparency and accountability than ever before.

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A unique identifier for real time data & assurance

Each of our Audit Marks has a unique identifier (UID) which is automatically generated to ensure its authenticity. The UID makes it possible for any of your stakeholders to access your Audit Report and data in real time on the ESGgen platform, if you want them to. Your Audit Mark can also be scanned using QR codes on packaging and marketing materials.

Get your Audit Mark

You decide on the level of access

We keep a central register of all Audit Marks we issue. You decide on the level of granularity you want people to have access to: top-line ESG data or your annual ESG results, or the full Audit report. It’s your choice.

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