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Senior Frontend Engineer


Salary of £60-80k per year + shares in the company


4-days working week, 25 holidays, fully remote anywhere in the UK

Modern Tech Stack

Modern technology stack and opportunity to learn

About the role

We are looking for a talented senior frontend engineer who wants to join a startup, create impact from day one and drive the frontend technology and development. It is an excellent opportunity for you to help us shape the future of our 3 web applications, design system and user-centric UI. 

We want you to bring knowledge and experience from your past to show us how we can make things better. Our technology team is lean and strong with a limited number of meetings, and this opportunity comes with the freedom to Do The Right Thing and make crucial decisions around our products, technology and tools.

You will be working very closely with our other frontend and backend engineers as a part of small agile teams, allowing you to learn new things and focus on delivering high-quality results. In addition, our CTO is an experienced leader and frontend engineer who’s been building architectures and technology teams for the last twenty years. So there is plenty to learn and multiple directions you can take your career forward.

Frontend Technology Stack

  • ES2020 JavaScript + JSDoc
  • VueJS3
  • SASS
  • Vite
  • AWS
  • Monorepo
  • Buddy.works pipelines
  • Vitest, Stryker, BackstopJS
  • Monitoring: SpeedCurve

Backend Technology Stack

  • NodeJS
  • TypeScript
  • DynamoDB,
  • Cognito
  • OpenAPI
  • JSONSchema specification
  • JEST, Stryker
  • Monorepo
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  • You should be an experienced frontend engineer with solid JavaScript knowledge and, ideally, experience with Vue (React, or Angular is fine too).
  • Capable of creating great frontend applications with an understanding of how to build an effortless experience for our users and not forget frontend performance.
  • You worked with backend APIs and know backend technologies (you don’t have to be an expert).
  • You have excellent attention to detail, know how to build great-looking and functional UIs, and are not afraid to call out stupid decisions and assumptions that will be against good UX practices.
  • You must be capable of writing simple, readable and fully testable code.
  • You take responsibility for the projects beyond what is written on the task board.
  • You led engineers and understand how to be an authentic leader and work as a team.
  • Any hands-on experience in other parts of our tech stack will be a great benefit.

Nice to have

  • Web architecture experience building complex applications.
  • Data visualisation like graphs, charts, etc.
  • Advanced CSS styling, animations, SVG manipulation, etc.
  • Experience putting together solid build process and release pipelines.
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What do we offer!

esg renumeration

£60,000 – £80,000 salary + company shares

4-days working week + 25 holiday days + bank holidays
ESG platform methodology
Choose your own equipment
gender diversity

Work remotely from home within the UK

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Opportunity to learn new things and make the difference
Quarterly team workshops somewhere in Europe
esg regulation explained


We are also hiring Senior Backend Engineer! Check out here for more details.

About ESGGen

ESGgen.com is on a mission to make Environment and Social Governance (ESG) reporting accessible and meaningful for SMEs and Startups. As global governments and regulators emphasise things like net-zero CO2 emissions, gender pay gap, diversity, and sustainable business practices, companies of all sizes must take action to transform the way they do business.

Esggen has developed a proprietary and unique methodology to assess the ESG impact using only information sets and data easily and readily available within all SMEs. This methodology was developed by Marc Lepere (Founder & Chief Science Officer) as part of his PhD research at King’s College London and refined in collaboration with Edinburgh University and RedRice Ventures in partnership with the British Business Bank.

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Our Commitments

  • Executives and Employees Remuneration is visible to everyone.
  • Support a fully flexible workforce to work from the office or at home – anywhere in the world.
  • Every employee will receive a share of the company via an Enterprise Management Incentive (EMI) option scheme
  • Carbon net-zero C02e emissions commitment
  • Always do the right thing, even when no one is watching.

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