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Do I need ESG Audit?

Do I need ESG Accounting?

Does ESG affect my business? Take 30 seconds to find out now.

Over 10,000 owners of small businesses just like yours are concerned that getting involved will be costly and a big time commitment. To find out if ESG effects your business just answer “yes” or “no” to these six questions.

Let's start with the here and now…

Does your business have financial accounts and records for 1 full year?

Do you currently provide goods or services as part of a large company’s supply chain (i.e. a public company or one with over 500 employees or 250 in France)?

Do you currently have external investors (not friends and family)?

It looks like you need ESG Accounting

And that's not bad news. Professional ESG accounting helps small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) to identify the opportunities of ESG and unlock up to 4% more profit. And because it's online and purpose-built for SMEs, it only takes 2-4 hours and costs £1,000-£3,000 (based on the number of employees), so you only pay what’s fair for your business.

Now thinking about your plans for the future. In the next 2 years…

Are you likely to grow your team and hire more staff?

Are you likely to get a bank loan to invest in the business?

Are you considering raising capital from external investors (i.e. seed investors, venture capital, private equity, public listing)?

You don't need ESG accounting right now

Based on your answers you probably don't need to get involved with ESG right now, but you might choose to. Professional ESG accounting helps small and medium-size businesses to identify the opportunities of ESG and unlock up to 4% more profit.

Choose the solution that’s right for your business.

ESGgen is the first-of-its-kind professional ESG accounting Software as a Service (SaaS), purpose built for SMEs. It saves weeks of employee time and increases productivity (by an estimated £735M in the UK)

ESG Solutions for small Businesses
ESG platform methodology

ESGgen Audit

An ESGgen Audit provides decision-useful and investment grade ESG data. It gives managers, customers, investors and partners the confidence they now need.

The Audit includes an ESG score, performance against science based benchmarks and year-on-year comparisons. It complies with professional standards, applicable laws and regulations, and the Code of Ethics of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and Wales.

ESGgen Value & Risk Account

The Value & Risk Account provides decision-useful ESG data to help managers identify the opportunities and unlock the value of ESG that lies hidden in the business.

It gives SMEs unique insights into the value of reduced costs (e.g. by switching to a green energy supplier), improved sales revenue (e.g. by minimising customer complaints) and the increased productivity of motivated employees (e.g. by improving employee support). It also identifies the potential risks of ESG (e.g. that lie hidden in the supply chain or lack of independent advisors/directors).

ESG Value and Risk Audit
ESG for entrepreneurs

ESGgen Self-Assessment

Calculate your own ESG impact. This free tool gives you the information and guidance you need to complete our Scorecard. You’ll do the data sourcing and inputting yourself so it takes time, but you can ‘save’ and ‘continue’ as often as you like.

When you’re done, you’ll receive your ready-made, professional looking ESG Self-Assessment. Share it with your investors, customers, suppliers and employees.

Please note: as required by International Auditing Standards (ISAE 3000) the Self-Assessment clearly states that original data has not been tested and audited, and results cannot be regarded as material to the business.

Only pay what’s fair

You only pay for the work we do. And that depends on the number of employees you have and the stage your business is at.




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ESGgen Audit

from £1,000

1-9 employees = £1,000

10-49 employees = £2,000

50-249 employees = £3,000

250+ employees = let’s talk!


ESGgen Audit
ESGgen Value & Risk Account

from £1,500

1-9 employees = £1,500

10-49 employees = £3,000

50-249 employees = £4,500

250+ employees = let’s talk!

ESG Report Value

Introductory offer

Get two year’s ESG Audits with your first year’s subscription

ESG for entrepreneurs

For Businesses & Startups

Identify the opportunities of ESG and unlock up to 4% more profit

ESG for investors

For Investors

Easily fill data gaps, unlock hidden value, command a sale premium