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Get the data your LPs need for SFDR

As part of SFDR (under Articles 6, 8 and 9) investors are now required to report using the EU Taxonomy (EUT). This requires fund managers to do many of the calculations in-house.

ESGgen’s role is to help you fill as many of the data gaps (including scope-3) from SMEs and Startups as is practical. The data we provide offers the highest coverage of the EUT from the fewest number of measures.


Investors using ESGgen as a data partner for SFDR

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“The SFDR regulations are designed to embed sustainability into decision making. This is not just a compliance check box exercise....the adverse impacts of products need to be clearly communicated to the end-investor and broad claims on ‘ESG integration’ will no longer be sufficient”

Nadia Humphreys

Business Manager for Sustainable Finance solutions



Get the data you need

Get your portfolio companies to commit to an annual ESGgen Audit to fill your data gaps with confidence. Our Chartered Accountants (CPAs) are also certified in ESG ensuring you keep up with changing regulations (and changing times).

You can nudge your portco's in the right direction by requesting that they commit to an annual ESG Audit in your term sheet.

Get the ESG data you need

How does it work?

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  • Activity
  • Output
  • Outcome
  • Impact
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    What you need to do

    • Choose your subscription
    • Share data that’s already in your prospect or portfolio companies
    • 2-4 hours of their time each year
    • Their permission for us to get going

    ESG reporting made easy for VCs and PE

    ESGgen is a new online platform uniquely designed to help investors, fund managers, wealth managers, family offices and venture capital firms ensure they are on top of SFDR and ESG - effortlessly.


    Fill data gaps for SFDR scope 3 disclosure

    Be confident in your Scope 3 disclosures. Get the data you need with the certainty that it’s been verified and audited by Chartered ESG Auditors.

    Always be complaint

    Stay on top of ever changing ESG regulations and ensure your portfolio remains compliant at all times.

    Unlock hidden value

    Learn how to use ESG to create value and manage risk in your portfolio companies and command a sale premium with an audited ESG track record.

    Assess Prospective Investments

    Assure your investment committee and LPs that ESG performance is included in your investment scorecard.

    Standardise ESG

    Standardise ESG impact across your portfolio and track performance in real time.

    Choose a subscription plan that works for you

    Get in touch to learn more about how we can work with your portfolio companies.

    ESGgen Assessment™ is a quick and easy due diligence that helps you assess prospective companies ESG performance before you commit.

    ESGgen Audit™ is an annual ESG audit conducted by a Chartered Accountant (who is also certified in ESG). It helps you get the data and assurance you need to comply with regulations - effortlessly.

    Number of employees
    Self Assessment
    Value & Risk
    Let’s talk
    Let’s talk
    Let’s talk


    Introductory offer - Get two years audit for the price of one. This enables us to calculate the YoY change and the ESG Value & Risk Report adding insight and increasing utility.



    Bulk Discount - Interested in Auditing your entire portfolio? Let’s talk about a bulk discount.

    We help keep your founders focused on their business

    We know that running small to medium size businesses is hard, that’s why we’ve made ESG easy. Our online platform saves weeks of employee time and disruption - so your founders can focus on growing the business. Get your portfolio companies to commit to an annual ESGgen Audit and unlock hidden value. You can nudge them in the right direction by requesting an annual ESG audit in your term sheet.

    Portfolio company’s commitment

    • Bullet 2-4 hours of their time annually (yeap, that’s it).
    • Bullet Data that's already in the business

    Our commitment

    • Bullet Work with the portfolio company to gather data easily via our online platform
    • Bullet Audit their ESG Performance using a Chartered Accountant specialising in ESG
    • Bullet Award an Audit Mark and produce a Value & Risk Report that unlocks hidden value
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    ESG is not just another buzzword for corporate responsibility, it’s a legal requirement

    The latest regulation extends ESG reporting standards to nearly 50,000 companies in the EU (up from 11,000). All our auditors are qualified Chartered Accountants who have also been certified in ESG, so they’re up-to-date with the latest UK, EU and global regulations ensuring you are always compliant.

    Start complying now

    We’ll work with you to meet your fund’s ESG goals

    Get in touch to learn more about how we can work with your portfolio companies. We can include company and industry-specific measures to give you the data and insights you need. And we'll agree a subscription that accommodates your needs and reflects the size of your portfolio.

    By unlocking the value of ESG for SMEs and Startups we help the most innovative 50% of the economy get to work on solving the world’s most burning problems

    About ESGgen

    What leading investors say about ESGgen

    “After an extensive search of the market, we have partnered with ESGgen. The team has developed a set of metrics to perform an annual ESG audit that really works for seed stage startups.”

    David Boulton

    Founding Partner

    NewZone Ventures

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