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A new online solution specifically designed to unlock the value of ESG hidden in your business and allow you prove to customers, investors, partners and lenders that you are not greenwashing.


SMEs and Startups using ESGgen to unlock value

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“Companies that do not actively work to positively change their environmental and social impact through better governance, risk becoming uninvestable and without access to credit in the very near future"

Nicolas Vesval

Vice President, Impact-based Finance

Societe Generale Corporate and Investment Banking


Unlock the value of ESG in hours not weeks

Save weeks of time you might otherwise spend on spreadsheets and emails back and forth with a conventional ESG provider.

- As easy to use as any cloud platform
- Powerful machine learning algorithms
- Integrate with the tools you’re already using
- Support from Chartered Accountants and ESG experts
- Easily share your results to the appropriate audiences
- Stay on top of how ESG impacts your business

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How does it work?

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  • Activity
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  • Outcome
  • Impact
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    What you need to do

    • Subscribe
    • Data that’s already in your business
    • 2-4 hours of a finance person’s time
    • Your permission to get started

    Why even SMEs need audited ESG accounts

    ESG creates value for businesses of all sizes. Just like your financials, ESG accounts and the decisions you make are only as good as the data they are based on. And because it’s now a legal requirement for investors and lenders to know the ESG impact of the companies they’re supporting - ESG accounts need to be audited.


    Get ESG sorted in 2-4 hours

    Our easy easy-to-use online platform saves weeks of time you might otherwise spend on spreadsheets and emails back and forth with a conventional ESG provider.

    Unlock hidden value

    Learn how to use ESG to create value and manage risk that is lying hidden in your business and command a sale premium with an audited track record.

    Build your brand story

    Build sustainability into your brand to appeal to customers demanding sustainable products and services and employees looking to join companies whose values reflect their own.

    Prove you are not greenwashing

    Add the ESGgen Audit Mark™ to your marketing materials and prove to your customers, investors and partners that you are working to improve your ESG impact.

    Ensure continued access to capital

    Venture Capital and Private Equity funds are under an increasing pressure from their investors and regulators to report on the state of ESG within their portfolio companies.

    Choose a subscription plan that works for you

    Number of employees
    Self Assessment
    Value & Risk
    Let's talk
    Let's talk
    Let's talk

    Introductory offer - Get two years audit for the price of one. This enables us to calculate the YoY change and the ESG Value & Risk Report adding insight and increasing utility.

    The first ESG platform and methodology tailored to SMEs

    We know that running small to medium size businesses is hard, that’s why we’ve made ESG easy. Our online platform saves weeks of employee time and disruption - so you can focus on growing the business.

    Your commitment

    • Bullet 2-4 hours of your time annually (yeap, that’s it).
    • Bullet Data that already in the business

    Our commitment

    • Bullet Work with you to gather data easily via direct integration or a simple drag and drop
    • Bullet Audit your ESG Performance using a Chartered Accountant certified in ESG
    • Bullet Award an Audit Mark and produce a Value & Risk Report that unlocks hidden value

    ESG is not the same as B-Corp or other consumer marks.

    ESG accounts need to be audited for three reasons: because ESG is material to the bottom-line of your business and misrepresenting it can be detrimental to future growth; because bad press that contradicts supposedly positive ESG results can cause significant reputational damage to a company and its investors; and because it's now a legal requirement for investors and lenders to know the ESG impact of the companies they’re supporting

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    Chose the solution that's right for you

    Self-Assessment: Free use of our Scorecard, allowing you to calculate your ESG impact.

    Assessment: Give us the data we need to do the calculations for you and to show you how to unlock the value of ESG in your business.

    Audit: Just upload some documentation that's already at hand and we'll take it from there. You'll be equipped with the best possible answer for stakeholders and an Audit Mark to use in your marketing materials (proving you're not greenwashing).

    Audit and Value & Risk: Nothing for you to do. In addition to your Audit Report you'll get a Value & Risk Report showing you (and investors) how you can use ESG to create value and manage risk in your business.

    By unlocking the value of ESG for SMEs and Startups we help the most innovative 50% of the economy get to work on solving the world’s most burning problems

    About ESGgen

    Your supply chain is only as strong as its weakest ESG link

    Take control of your supply chain. Invite your vendors, suppliers and partners to commit to an annual ESGgen Audit™ and ensure that they share your values and operate to (changing) ESG regulations. You can nudge them in the right direction by requesting an annual ESG audit in terms of business.

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    What inspiring business leaders say about ESGgen

    “Proving ESG compliance is critical to winning partnerships with leading brands. ESGgen helps assure our corporate clients that we strive towards the same common values.”

    Dean Murr

    CEO & Founder

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