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Sustainabilty reporting: an opportunity for you

Use ESGgen for ESG reporting in the same way you use Quickbooks, Xero, Sage and SAP

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✓ The world’s first automated ESG data collection and assurance engine.
✓ Supervised by a fellow Chartered Accountant.
✓ The same professional standards of security, confidentiality and accuracy as financial accounting. 
✓ Streamlining ESG reporting saves you time and money.

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You need confidence in what you’re signing off

Not all ESG data is equal. Most of the ESG data you get presented with is self-assessed and cherry-picked. Nearly all of it is unregulated. Hardly any of it is assured. New accounting standards for sustainability are changing that.

Companies trusting ESGgen

“ISSB standards will become accepted as a global baseline for sustainability reporting, for use alongside any financial reporting model such as IFRS or US GAAP.”

Sue Lloyd
Vice-Chair, International Sustainability Standards Board (ISSB)

Save money, increase productivity today.

It’ll take just 2-4 hours to collect all the data we need for the year. That saves you time and serious money.
About £72,868 per company according to the Office of National Statistics.

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ESG data reporting

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Manage sustainability risks

and opportunities

Help your clients prove they’re not greenwashing

DWS, BNY Mellon have been fined for greenwashing. Goldman Sachs are being investigated. Your fellow Certified Public Accountants are the only professionals licensed to assure ESG impacts and calculate the value created, or at risk.

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