ESGgen partners with UK’s largest vehicle fleet

ESGgen 9 ESGgen partners with UK’s largest vehicle fleet
ESGgen is delighted to announce an exclusive partnership with the BVRLA (British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association).

The BVRLA has over 1,000 members including leading SME and Enterprise from the Rental and Leasing Sector in the UK with a combined fleet of four million cars, vans and trucks – one-in-ten of all vehicles on UK roads – and is leading the charge to decarbonise road transport and promote a healthy and sustainable future eco-system.

ESGgen’s mission to make it easy and affordable for SMEs to get accounting-grade data for all their ESG and non-financial needs, in line with International Auditing Standards (ISAE 3000).

Do I need ESG Audit?
ESG platform methodology

I’m a BVRLA member, why do I need non-financial accounts?

New UK and European regulations are requiring companies, lenders and investors to make sustainability or ESG disclosures. To make these reports they’ll have to ask you for loads of complex, non-financial data.

I’m a BVRLA member, who will be asking me for this information?

  • Customers who are publicly traded companies
  • Government or local government – existing contracts and new tenders
  • Banks and lenders – if you are borrowing/seeking a loan
  • Investors – if you are seeking external capital financing
  • Consumers – looking to rent/lease from sustainable companies
  • Employees – looking to work for companies who share their values

BVRLA members benefit from an exclusive members’ discount

As part of this partnership BVRLA members get an exclusive discount on ESGgen services. Visit your members portal to generate your unique discount coupon code. 

The first ESG accounting platform & methodology tailored to SMEs

✓ Uses documentation that already exists in your business
✓ Audit ESG impacts on 8 environmental, 15 social, and 6 governance measures
✓ Accounting grade, cloud-based platform secures data & confidentiality
✓ Automates ESG accounting in line with International Auditing Standards (ISAE 3000)


Collect, cleanse and assure all your source data automatically


Get powerful insights and new KPIs to drive savings and value


Give your non-financial accounts the same gravity as your financials