Auditing ESG

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How we audit ESG

We audit ESG using the ESGgen Scorecard. In line with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol, ESGgen uses the hybrid method to audit ESG impacts on the Scorecard and their economic value to the business in line with International Auditing Standards (ISAE 3000).

Unlike other methodologies that rely on the spend based and usage based methods, or direct company input and self-assessment, our proprietary hybrid methodology builds on the strengths of each and minimises their respective weaknesses.

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greenhouse gas protocol

The ESGgen Scorecard

We audit ESG using the ESGgen Scorecard. This consists of 29 measures which comprehensively measure a company’s ESG impact. There are 8 environmental, 15 social, and 6 governance measures. We include additional measures when company-specific or industry-specific data are required.

The ESGgen Scorecard was developed by Marc Lepere (Founder and Chief Science Officer) as part of his ESG research at King’s College London. It was tested and refined with the University of Edinburgh, Redrice Ventures and British Business Bank.

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Science based calculations and benchmarks

The calculations and benchmarks we deploy are a mix of methodologies sourced from government, professional bodies, industry best-practice and leading-edge academic research. Calculations and benchmarks are regularly updated in line with best-practice and changing regulations.

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