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ESGgen Makes Annual Audited ESG Accounts for Companies Easier

Marc Lepere, founder and chief ESG officer of ESGgen, discusses the company’s process of making it easier for companies to get annual audited ESG – or environmental, social, governance.

Illuminating the Blindspots, Sustainability and Impact Forum

Do the crises of climate and inequality, and the rise of ESG, point to a fundamental shift or will the current model of shareholder capitalism persist substantially unchanged? As each of us ponders our position this video presentation identifies and discusses four blind spots in the conversation.

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ESG in VC episode 1

Listen in as Oksana and Marc talk about why as some studies show, most VC backed companies are slower to become more responsible than others. Marc also shares some of his thoughts on AI and automation being a glaring omission in the ESG conversation and why it is that ESG has emerged as the most recognised framework to tackle sustainability.

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Arie Capital announce a partnership with ESGgen

“We have teamed up with ESGgen for all our EIS portfolio companies so that we know that they are driving change and creating value. We will be reporting on their progress to our investors, financial advisors, and business partners. As regulations tighten to mitigate greenwashing, ESGgen helps us gather the data we need for future reporting. “

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The two faces of COP 26

The two faces of COP 26

The contrast between the activists outside, and the decision-makers inside, the Glasgow SEC is revealing. Each group has very different things to lose – and to gain. Only by recognising the differences can we grasp the entrepreneurial opportunity that ESG presents us with.

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The first ESG accounting platform & methodology tailored to SMEs

✓ Uses documentation that already exists in your business
✓ Audit ESG impacts on 8 environmental, 15 social, and 6 governance measures
✓ Accounting grade, cloud-based platform secures data & confidentiality
✓ Automates ESG accounting in line with International Auditing Standards (ISAE 3000)


Collect, cleanse and assure all your source data automatically


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Give your non-financial accounts the same gravity as your financials

WORLD: we got this: In conversation about corporate accountability

What is the role of companies in complex crises, such as pandemics, inequality and climate change? How responsible are they for their impact on society and the environment? And what about the CEO – what is their role in the corporate response to crises? In this episode, Marc Lepere explores these questions, including whether the COVID-19 pandemic has led to companies becoming more responsible. Hear him explore his research with Dr Robyn Klingler-Vidra, Senior Lecturer in International Political Economy in the Department of International Development.

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Incorporating environmental, social and governance into high-growth startups

Facebook is an archetypal example of a high-growth company’s success, but the model of prioritising exponential user acquisition does not bode well for its responsibility. If the current regime of censure and sanctions on companies and CEOs does not incentivise greater corporate responsibility, then what will? Marc Lepere from the Department of International Development looks what is needed to maximise environmental, social and governance (ESG) in big startups.

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How to examine your company’s exposure to ESG risk in AI systems

AI systems could be responsible for up to $3.9 tn in value creation, but pose potential ESG risks, write Marc Lepere and Andrew Susman

Endemic failures in ESG issues cause public harm, can ruin a business’ reputation and ultimately even threaten its existence. But there remains one sector not subject to ESG impact and risk disclosures: responsible artificial intelligence and autonomous systems (AI systems). To overlook AI systems in any material dataset of ESG metrics can be likened to building the spine of responsible business and omitting the spinal cord at its center.

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Why We Can’t Shop Our Way to Sustainability

Consumers will never solve the climate crisis. To build sustainability, business leaders must partner with government and society to re-focus their companies on new forms of market exchange. Sustainability is usually framed as a problem of consumer choice, in which the solution to the climate crisis is in recycling, eating more organic vegetables, or cutting back on single-use plastic.

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Redrice Ventures fund backed by British Business Bank

A £50 million venture fund led by Robert Senior, the former boss of Saatchi & Saatchi, has been backed by the British Business Bank to target investments in luxury consumer and online businesses.
Redrice Ventures, which was set up in 2018, already has investments in Castore, a premium sports brand, Dai, a womenswear suit business, and War Paint, a cosmetics range for men.

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How AI compounds ESG risks

The group estimates that AI-enabled platforms are generating about $3.9tn value of companies. However, they warn that these AI platforms are so opaque that they can end up supporting processes that are diametrically opposed to any corporate ESG goals.

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Redrice Ventures secures £50m venture funding

A group of entrepreneurs and investors have joined forces with the sector body for British brands to reach first close for a £50m venture capital fund that will support some of the most exciting purpose-led brands and related technology companies in the premium consumer space.

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