Our ESG Commitments

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ESG is at heart of ESGgen

We put ESG at the centre of our decision-making to unlock value in our employees’ lives and in our business. Our commitments will evolve (like ESG itself) and are in line with current science-based, best practice benchmarks (August 2021).

esg environmental social governance

Environmental commitments

audit co2 scope 1,2,3

ESGgen will have net zero C02e emissions by 2030

esg water usage

We will reduce the business’s per capita water consumption by 25% by 2030

Social commitments

esg renumeration

Executives and Employees Remuneration

  • Is visible to all.
  • Determined solely on skill and experience not based on gender, belief, ethnicity or sexual orientation.
  • Wherever you are, we pay above your area’s living wage
esg executive salary

Executives Remuneration Cap

Executives (or the highest paid employee) agree to cap remuneration at 7x the company mean. For comparison in 2018, Elon Musk was paid 40,688x the median Tesla employee. Also in 2018 the average CEO pay gap in the US was 254x the median employee. In 2019, UK FTSE CEOs were paid 119x the median employee.


Flexible Workforce

Support a fully flexible workforce to work from the office or at home – anywhere in the world. So that we can hire the best talent regardless of geography

flexible workforce

4-day Working Week

ESGgen will operate on a 4-day work week (Monday-Thursday) to ensure a better work-life balance. Each employee will also get 25 holiday days plus statutory holiday.

Governance commitments

Shares in company

Employee Shares

Every employee will receive a share of the company via an Enterprise Management Incentive (EMI) option scheme

ESG Report Value

No Zero Hours

All interns will be paid and we do not use Zero Hours Contracts
gender diversity

Diverse Board

The business commits to maintaining a diverse Board of Directors and Board of Advisors
Independent Advisers

Independent Directors

Two Directors are required for any Board meeting to be valid. Advisory Board to meet twice a year to provide external perspective and guidance