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Do I need ESG Audit?

Do I need ESG Accounting?

Does ESG affect my business? Take 30 seconds to find out now.

Over 10,000 owners of small businesses just like yours are concerned that getting involved will be costly and a big time commitment. To find out if ESG effects your business just answer “yes” or “no” to these six questions.

Let's start with the here and now…

Does your business have financial accounts and records for 1 full year?

Do you currently provide goods or services as part of a large company’s supply chain (i.e. a public company or one with over 500 employees or 250 in France)?

Do you currently have external investors (not friends and family)?

It looks like you need ESG Accounting

And that's not bad news. Professional ESG accounting helps small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) to identify the opportunities of ESG and unlock up to 4% more profit. And because it's online and purpose-built for SMEs, it only takes 2-4 hours and costs £1,000-£3,000 (based on the number of employees), so you only pay what’s fair for your business.

Now thinking about your plans for the future. In the next 2 years…

Are you likely to grow your team and hire more staff?

Are you likely to get a bank loan to invest in the business?

Are you considering raising capital from external investors (i.e. seed investors, venture capital, private equity, public listing)?

You don't need ESG accounting right now

Based on your answers you probably don't need to get involved with ESG right now, but you might choose to. Professional ESG accounting helps small and medium-size businesses to identify the opportunities of ESG and unlock up to 4% more profit.

Companies trusting ESGgen

Higher profits, higher valuation

Unlock higher profits and a higher valuation

Small and medium size business (SMEs) can identify the opportunities in ESG and unlock up to 4% more profit and higher company valuations by having their ESG impact professionally audited.
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Where ESG accounting identifies value

There’s value hiding in the savings that can be made by buying and running EVs, using alternative energy and reducing waste. There’s value in how you look after your customers and their personal data, pay and train your staff, organise your taxes and get advice.
There’s opportunity and value in professionally auditing each part of the E, S and G.
ESG Report Value


✓ CO2 emissions
✓ Water
✓ Recycling
✓ Waste


✓ Diversity & Pay gaps
✓ Staff training & support
✓ Customer care
✓ Product & service quality


✓ Independent advisors
✓ Bullying
✓ Values & behaviour
✓ Whistle-blowing

How do you unlock the value of ESG?

Certified Public Accountants or Chartered Accountants (also certified in ESG) are the only professionals licenced to audit ESG impacts and calculate the value created in line with International Auditing Standards.


How it works


Your permission to collect data already in the business


We test the data for materiality and calculate ESG impacts


Our Certified Public Accountants approve and sign-off


You receive ESG Audit and Value & Risk Account

The first ESG accounting platform & methodology tailored to SMEs

  • Uses documentation that already exists in most SMEs
  • Audit ESG impacts on 8 environmental, 15 social, and 6 governance measures
  • Accounting grade, cloud-based platform secures data & confidentiality
  • Automates ESG accounting in line with International Auditing Standards (ISAE 3000)
ESG platform methodology
ESG for entrepreneurs

For Businesses & Startups

Identify the opportunities of ESG and unlock up to 4% more profit

ESG for investors

For Investors

Easily fill data gaps, unlock hidden value, command a sale premium

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