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Unlock the value of ESG in hours not weeks

- Use ESG to create value and manage risk in your business
- Get the reports your investors, customers and partners now need
- SME-tailored methodology using information already at hand
- Transparent price points based on company size
- Expert support from Chartered Accountants (also certified in ESG)

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Empowering SMEs to build a more valuable business and a better world

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) reporting is becoming an indispensable tool for governments and sustainability-minded investors. Its measures don’t simply benefit society and the planet, they also unlock value hidden in your business.

From startups to global enterprises, audited ESG reporting is a competitive advantage, a requirement for capital, and a valuable tool in building a more valuable, more sustainable business.

Unlock the value of ESG now

Most solutions are designed for large corporates. Our full-service, cloud based solution is designed especially for SMEs

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  • Automated.

    It’s as easy as giving us permission to get data that’s already in your business. Then our automated, high security, cloud based data collection does the rest for you. Use the simple drag-and-drop feature or our direct integration with your existing Accounting, HR and CRM systems.

  • Audited.

    As with inaccurate financials, misrepresenting internal ESG accounting can be a detriment to sustained future growth. Our Chartered ESG Auditors check all the data and verify it’s real - just like they do with your financial accounts. Then, they assess your ESG impact using a unique scorecard of 29 measures, and produce an ESGgen Audit Report™.

  • Affordable.

    Chose the solution that's right for you:

    Self-Assessment: Free use of our Scorecard, allowing you to calculate your ESG impact.

    Assessment: Give us the data we need to do the calculations for you and to show you how to unlock the value of ESG in your business.

    Audit: Just upload some documentation that's already at hand and we'll take it from there. You'll be equipped with the best possible answer for stakeholders and an Audit Mark to use in your marketing materials (proving you're not greenwashing).

    Audit and Value & Risk: Nothing for you to do. In addition to your Audit Report you'll get a Value & Risk Report showing you (and investors) how you can use ESG to create value and manage risk in your business.

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The first ESG platform and methodology tailored to SMEs

Get your audit started in just two to four hours, not two to four weeks. We know that running small to medium size businesses is hard, that’s why we’ve made ESG easy. Our online platform saves weeks of employee time and disruption - so you can focus on growing the business.

- An easy-to-use online platform
- A methodology that uses documentation already at hand
- Transparent, up-front pricing based on the size of your business
- Clear, actionable reports showing how ESG unlocks value

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How do we measure ESG impact?



you sign engagement letter & pay subscription


Initiate data collection

we use direct integration or drag-and-drop


Data Completeness

we help you ensure the data is complete


Audit ESG accounts

your data audited by a Chartered ESG Auditor


Unlock value

we translate your ESG data into financial performance


ESG Track Record

you get an ESG Premium on your valuation

We use the ESGgen Scorecard™ to assess our subscriber’s ESG impact. It’s a proprietary set of 29 standardised (but evolving) measures. There are 8 environmental, 15 social, and 6 governance measures. The data is Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR) and scope 3 ‘compliance ready’. When company-specific or industry-specific data are required, we include additional measures in the Scorecard.
Each measure in our scorecard conforms to the 6 ESG disclosure properties developed by Marc Lepere (Founder and Chief ESG Officer) as part of his research at King’s College London. The methodology was tested and refined with the University of Edinburgh and Redrice Ventures, a private equity venture capital company working with the British Business Bank.

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No greenwashing here

As demand for ESG from both individuals and governments skyrockets, so too has the rise of greenwashing. The planet and peoples’ lives are too important to play games. Just like your financials, ESG accounts and the decisions you make are only as good as the data they are based on. Give your employees, investors and customers confidence in your ESG impact by having it independently audited each year.

Your customers, investors and partners care about your ESG impact

As the world faces up to the climate crisis, ESG reporting becomes a necessity for attracting customers, raising capital and participating in global supply chains. Be prepared to quickly respond to ESG requests from investors and partners with accurate and audited reports.

Future proof your business today

By unlocking the value of ESG for SMEs and Startups we help the most innovative 50% of the economy get to work on solving the world’s most burning problems

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